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25 Servings of SOOP Vol.2


A new collection of short stories looks to follow the footsteps of Something or Other Publishing's first edition, 25 Servings of SOOP Volume 1, that served as a literary wine tasting of up-and-coming talent. This new volume will provide readers with opportunities to support established authors with whom they have already connected, and rising writers looking to earn the spotlight their writing deserves.


Celine's story 'Round Midnight' has been published in it alongside other talented authors from around the world. She represents Trinidad and Tobago among the other authors. 25 Servings of SOOP Vol 2 has been given the status of #1 New Release on Amazon Kindle and #1 Bestseller on Amazon in Graphic Novel Anthologies!

About Round Midnight:
The intrigued Sun has challenged her admirer the Moon, to tell her about the humans of Earth. The only problem is that the Moon has nothing positive to say about God's favorite creation. A family adrift at sea may be the only ones who can teach him about the human heart.

This story draws from elements of Christianity.


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Things That They Don't Tell New Christians


In this book, you will explore things that they don’t tell Christians at the beginning of their walk. Things that can be left unsaid, or topics that are learnt in the later years of the Christian journey. 

As a new Christian, you are not too inexperienced to know of matters considered to be ‘difficult to understand’. As a seasoned believer you may ask yourself questions which you may be too shy to convey to others.

This book seeks to encourage, inspire, educate, and proclaim the Truths concerning God and answers commonly asked questions by Christians, both new and matured.

There is such beauty in writing, especially when it carries a beautiful message on its shoulders.
~Celine Elizabeth~



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