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Stationery Line - Create with Purpose

Launched May 7th, 2022. Celine's line of Stationery, (Create with Purpose) consists mostly of handcrafted resin pens, bookmarks, notebooks and planners by her hand. She offers other memos and stationery material that has been sourced and not created by her hands. 

Create with Purpose

If God created us with purpose in mind then we should create with purpose as well. Our pens should bring to life impactful stories. Planners should organize our days. Notebooks should record our memories. They should be filled with ideas that will change our world for the better!

Create with Purpose was designed to make a difference in style. A portion of the profits go towards helping young people achieve their dreams. Celine's hope is that this small venture will touch the lives of many, for the Honor and Glory of God.

It's main mission is to inspire young people to reach their full potential, and realize their God given talent and purpose. She hopes that one day, whatever is created from, not only her products but the creations of young people impacted by her ventures, will be created with purpose and inspire others to do the same.
What inspired Create with Purpose?
So many youth have beautiful ideas, magnificent talents and potential, but lack the resource to make things happen. Some young people have the ability to change the world but are not able to afford classes to further themselves. They are unable afford starter machines, software and even basic school supplies. They are left discouraged. She plans to change that even if it means a small push in the right direction.  

View The Line

Handmade Resin Pens

Inclusive of Charmed, Non-charmed Branded and Non-branded. Pen shapes include boxed shaped or leaf blade shaped pens.

Handmade Resin Bookmarks

Variety of bookmarks, small and large, that can be Branded and Non-branded. Bookmark shapes include rectangular, whale, paw, feather and teddy bear.

Handmade Resin Notebooks and Planners/Calendars

Variety of notebooks/'whiteboard' planners and calendars.

Other Handmade Resin Items

Consists of Containers, Geometry Sets, Keychains,

Memo Pads

Sourced Memo Pads to organize your life.


Sourced Notebooks in the palm of your hand to organize your life.

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