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"As a first time author and resin artist, I hope to have these pages grow more."


Celine Elizabeth is an Author. So far, her works include 'Things That They Don't Tell New Christians.' and 'Round Midnight' a story published in an Anthology called 25 Servings of SOOP Vol 2 (Which became a bestseller on Amazon in the category of Anthologies).

Things That They Don't Tell New Christians was written because Celine saw that many young people were leaving the church and she wondered why. Upon her investigations, she noted that there were some things that weren't clearly addressed, other things that were misunderstood and things that was left without reminders. For these reasons, young people left. To help, Celine compiled topics that would assist young Christians, struggling Christians and Christians who need to be reminded what living for Jesus is really about.

Round Midnight was written for Something Or Other Publishing's Annual Anthology Contest. Obtaining over 200 votes from her peers, Celine was able to be awarded a spot among 25 authors from around the world. Representing Trinidad and Tobago, Celine's story was placed under the Category, "Stories That Make You Think." Her aim was to show that there is still good in God's Creation even when they themselves can't see it. The story is a journey of a refugee family trying to escape from the terrors of their homeland and the Moon who has made a deal with the Sun to tell her a story of God's favorite Creation. This is a difficult task for the Moon who sees all the evil things humans do in the dark.


Celine always had a love for pretty stationery! It goes hand in hand with writing after all! Her dream of creating a line of stationery was realized when she came across resin art. She hoped that the venture would also be a benefit to young people who had no means of pursing their education, passions and career. She figured that the profits would go towards blessing a young person, motivating and equipping them to live an honest life. Thus, 'Create With Purpose' was founded and launched. Celine believes that everyone has a God given Purpose but sometimes we need a push in the right direction. If God created us with Purpose in mind, whatever we set out to do should have purpose as well, a God given purpose.

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