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What to do on a 3 day vacation to the Island of Tobago.

My favorite pic from the trip.

At the age of 23, I traveled for the first time! It was the first time I left the shores of Trinidad.

Being 23, I was ashamed of admitting that I've never traveled before and most ashamed of admitting that I've never traveled even to our beautiful sister isle of Tobago. So to all those who said I still haven't really traveled since the twin islands are a Republic, say it a bit louder in the back because I still haven't heard it yet.


So naturally, for my 3 day holiday, I went full tourist mode in Tobago. It was my first time travelling EVER, so obviously, I took the window seat. You should definitely expect:

1. Clear blue seas

Trinidad's waters are a bit different to Tobago's. Tobago's beaches are clear with a soothing green tint. It was so beautiful! It's more of an experience than a visual. The smell of the sea, the breath of the water's gentle spray on your face, the sounds of the waves crashing against stacks of rocks and the colors that blend and shimmer as the waters roll in under the sun, is something that you have to be there to witness yourself.

2. Hospitality

Be sure Tobagonians will be helpful and kind to you. The culture is very relaxed. It is not fast paced. There's always smiles, always people willing to give advice. People will just start conversations (although I think that's a Caribbean trait). They're super friendly!

3. Delicious Food

The food is so delicious!!!!! Their style of cooking is different from Trinidad. I loved the fact that they had more local dishes and bigger portions. Their food is well seasoned and prepared and you can smell it from a mile away! Everyday is like a grand Sunday lunch. Seafood is easily available! Rabbit meat is a thing, guys and it's really good!

4. Pristine Surroundings and clear roads

The surroundings are ridiculously clean and well maintained. There is a lower population in Tobago than there is in Trinidad, however, as a Trinidadian I can say that we have a struggle with keeping our environment clean. Tobago was a breath of fresh air, literally. I was so proud! It's so clean!!!! The infrastructure and buildings are well maintained and comfortable as well.

I stayed with a friend so she showed me around! I'm sorry I can't recommend any hotels or inns to stay at as I never experienced that but I can recommend the places I went to and activities I did.

So if you have 3 days in Tobago, here's what you can do:

There are forts littered all over the Tobago with a wealth of History behind them! There are also many hidden treasure bays that are beautiful! People don't visit them much so they are usually quiet places. As you drive around the small island you can find them especially along Mt.Irvine, Buccoo and the countryside. A whole island tour can take a whole day. My stay was mostly tours.

  • Do the Countryside Tour all the way to Charlotteville

It's ridiculously beautiful and very adventurous.

  • Go on the glass bottom boats. Unfortunately I couldn't go due to the weather but I still recommend They have a lot of experience and are generally the best to get you informed!

  • Go to Pigeon Point Heritage Park Like most places in Tobago, the beach is beautiful, the surroundings are clean, there's quality food and lots of activities for you to do! Beware of falling coconuts though!

  • Enjoy the beauty and rest the island gives The island has much to offer from bird viewing, to water sports, to hiking trails and entertainment (inclusive of goat and crab races, storytelling, and the Great Race if you come in at August). Most of all Tobago is so peaceful. When you enter, it's like a switch was flipped!

I had an amazing time in Tobago. I urge you to visit as well. As a Trinidadian, I didn't know what to expect on my trip but at the end of it, I was so proud to be a part of this little twin Republic.

I learnt so much about our history, our culture, our food and our land. We may take these things for granted but this is a part of us as a people. Neglect that, you neglect yourself. You forget what to stand for as a nation.

I've spent a lot of time with God. It's easy to spend time with Him when you're out of the hustle and bustle. I've marveled at His works as I traveled through the island! He really has created such magnificent things and all Glory belongs to Him. I'll never forget this experience and if you haven't been to Tobago, you're missing out!

Much love and blessings, Celine Elizabeth

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