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Letter to the Singles on Valentine's Day.

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Love is in the Air.

Dear Singles,

That time of the year is approaching again. You know, the time where overpriced chocolates and large bouquets of flowers are on sale. The store windows are filled with fluffy teddy bears and floating hearts. The finest, glimmering jewelry have been set out in pocket denting rows and the words 'Valentine's Day' has been pasted over every store in the mall and streets like commercial graffiti.

Besides sacrificing your favorite restaurant for that one night because it's been completely booked, it may be a bit tough depending on how you feel as a single person on that day. Valentine's Day has been set aside for those two people who are in love. Friends and family give each other gifts also but you may want a gift from a special person you have your mind on or you may want to give a gift to a crush. You may not have anyone in mind and may just be indifferent to the day or you may feel a bit sad about the day. All these feeling are perfectly valid but let me tell you what's not cool.

What's not Cool....

1. Being jealous/angry at couples who are celebrating Valentine's Day. Don't discourage them about treating their significant other. I agree the prices on things are ridiculous and I personally find expensive gifts unnecessary in the name of a day but if a person wants to show his/her love by giving their significant other a nice bouquet or treating them for dinner, let them do it and let people enjoy things! Don't be jealous either, your day will come. Be happy for people. As a single person you may be able to observe and learn from the experience of others in a relationship.

"Sometimes we only see the surface of relationships and not the whole network beneath it. We crave something based on the outward appearance when the inner part is rotten. Don't wish for other people's relationships, work on making your future relationship something enjoyable and meaningful for both you and your future person."

2. Don't be down on yourself.

"Okay so you aren't in a relationship right now BUT it doesn't mean that you'll stay that way forever or that being single is a bad thing. Being single is a celebratory moment and one that tends to be overlooked."

You have time to focus on, “You.” You see, when you are in a relationship, inevitably you are deprived of the "You time" you would have once had as the focus is now shifted on your significant other.

Enjoy your time of being single. Learn to enjoy your own company. Would you enjoy a date with yourself? That's pretty important. If you can learn to be comfortable with yourself, it will make you truly know your worth. That's important in finding a partner who will appreciate you and treat you well. It also goes both ways. You need to treat them as you would like to be treated. But knowing about yourself will be much more appealing to the other person when you find that someone who falls in love with you.

3. Don't act like you're better than people who are in relationships.

Acting like you're better than people on the whole is not a nice thing but boasting about your singleness is equally rude and annoying. Don't be so self-centered. Being single is not superior to being in a relationship, it's really just a phase of life. Respect your friend's state with their relationships as much as you respect your own state of singleness.

So Remember this on Valentine's Day!

#1 You are loved. You may not have everyone in your life loving you as you deserved to be loved but thats okay. You may have some friends, some family, some teachers, some common strangers who consider you and love you. Most importantly you have a God who loves you, whether you believe it or not, He still does. Yes, it may be lonely, but someone cares for you, don't forget that and don't forget to share the love back at them.

"Often times we overlook the people who show us the most love chasing after someone who doesn't love us back. Humans are like that sometimes....and maybe we got that from our Heavenly Father who came all the way to Earth to save men who didn't love Him the way He loved us."

#2 Do show love to everyone

Following up on my last blog, 'The Kind Killer' is great to show others kindness. Show people you care. I personally like seeing people surprised and seeing them smile. You never know what people are going through even the ones living right in your home. Show them love. It doesn't have to be an expensive gift but one from the heart. Let them know you care.

#3 If you're a single girl

Spend time with your friends/family or spend some alone time but don't feel pressured to have a boyfriend. Don't let anyone make you feel less of a girl/woman for not being in a relationship. Do a manicure or pedicure. Do your hair and makeup. Girl, treat yourself! You are beautiful, you are smart, you are royal. Don't let anyone take the crown Christ has given you off your head. One day, God will send the right person and you'll look back on the times you were single and be glad for the things you learned.

#4 If you're a single guy

Have a bro-night. Play some games. Watch some movies. But don't feel pressured to have a girlfriend. Don't let anyone make you feel less of a boy/man for not being in a relationship. People don't often say this, so I will. You are handsome, you are smart, you are talented, you are strong and you are also royal. Don't let anyone take the crown Christ has given you off your head. Don't let anyone treat you less than that. Don't let your whole mood be affected because of this day. One day, God will send the right person and you'll look back on the times you were single and be glad for the things you learned.

So, have fun! Love, Laugh, Treat yourself, Treat your friends/families/teachers/whoever means a lot to you and always remember you are loved. Don't let this day shake you or your pocket too much. Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

With much Love,

~Celine Elizabeth~

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