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Deep calls to deep (S.E.A Results)

Graduating to New Beginnings

Yesterday the long wait was over for kids who wrote S.E.A exams and eagerly awaited their results to see which high school they've been placed into.

Some would have gotten into the school of their dreams (1st Choice!), others would have been satisfied with their placements (2nd - 4th choice) and others would have been saddened by their new school before they even started.

It Starts Here...

I'm not talking about New Beginnings per say, I'm speaking about your mindset (both students and parents). Parents, no matter what child your school has been placed in (If is was one of his/hers choices or not), mindset makes a successful child. This is the reality.

When I wrote S.E.A, I remember sitting in my classroom awaiting results. My teacher brought in the slips and started to hand them out to the kids. I heard my class erupt into various cheers and before I could even read my slip I was rejoicing with all my friends who passed for their first choices. As a child I thought, 'I used to be on their grade level, surely I passed for my first choice to!' When I opened my slip I saw that I had passed for my 4th choice.

I had no idea where this school was. In fact, I had never heard of the school before. This was most likely because the school was only in existence for five years at that time. Needless to say, I was devastated. It was serious! I rel cry! Only a couple of us passed for that place so that was even worse for a tiny Celine like me!

My teachers reassured me it was a really nice school in the East. "It's really advanced!" they said and that did make me feel better. The support from my teachers, my parents, family and fellow peers really helped me. My mom and dad however, saw through my attempts to hide the fact that I was really disappointed in myself. "We can apply for a transfer. What do you think?" they asked. I had just spent 2 years of my childhood studying hard for SEA and my first thought was that I really didn't want to write any other exam to try and get in to another school. My second thought however, growing up in a Christian home, was that maybe God wanted me here, in this school.

Long story short, I registered, went to orientation and spent 7 years of my life as a student in the institution that played a HUGE part in molding the woman I became to today. Bishop Anstey and Trinity College East is now one of the most successful schools in the East, producing amazing students who go on to do amazing things all over the world!

I had challenges. It wasn't easy at times. I wanted to give up despite how awesome that place was. But my mindset was key. I wanted to excel so I did my best. I pushed myself. I wanted to learn other skills. I led numerous clubs. I volunteered. I wanted to prove I could get 8 passes without attending lessons and I did achieve that! I believed in myself but.... I also believed in God. Kept Him close to me throughout my life.

If I didn't attend Bishop Anstey High School East, I'm not sure what I would have been today. The people I met and the bonds I've created, my experiences and the things I've learnt (academics, life lessons , people skills).......I would have never gotten any of that if I ran away or settled to just be an average student. Maybe the experiences in your new school is what will shape you into God wants you to be.

Mindset is the difference. Application is what makes a successful individual.

Am I saying you should settle for where you've been placed? Not at all! If you want to query, if you want a transfer, then you have a right to do so. If you want to repeat that's also fine! In fact I have a friend who repeated and passed for Trinity and he's currently pursuing law! I have friends who attended "Non-prestige" schools and became doctors, lawyers, engineers and CEO's of their own business.

After all the running around has come to an end, you will be attending a school in September and wherever you go, you need to remember, your school doesn't make a name for you, you make a name for yourself and represent that school.

Parents, your children need your support as well. The school educates but they can't be of much help to your child if you aren't lending them your support at home as well as in school. Your presence in your child's learning is invaluable.

No school is without fault.

There may be conflict, there may be sad times, there may even be bullying. It doesn't get easier from here. That's why God is essential in maintaining your sanity (students and parents alike). This is all part of a learning process. Don't be sad for too long. Keep going. Realize your potential and grow! Don't settle for mediocrity! Help and respect others! Be yourself and respect yourself enough to want better for yourself (and for others as well- don't pull others down)!

So Congratulations!

I applaud ALL those who wrote SEA. It is NOT a small task! You're life is just beginning and you've been planted here to blossom into wonderful things! So all the best to you all! I believe in you! Quoting one of my teachers, "Never let anyone discourage you, not even yourself!"

I also would like to dedicate this blog to my not so little cousin, Darius, who passed for his first choice. Love you much and you're going to do great things! Looking forward to see you unleash your potential and master the world!

Much Prayer and Love,

Celine Elizabeth

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